3 Ways to Ensure You're Always in Compliance
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Article 20190206 3 Ways to Ensure You're Always in Compliance

Using Labor Law Compliance Center To Stay Up To Date On Labor Laws


Is your business in compliance with the latest labor laws? Do your employees know their rights when it comes to the workplace environment? Do you regularly check to ensure that you are fully compliant with the current laws? Running a business can come with a regular stream of issues that you can't control; such as high economic failure rate, tough competition, and limited cash flow; and the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not you are compliant with the latest labor laws.

The penalties you stand to incur for breaching the compliance status far outweigh the meager cost of following simple state and federal laws that protect you and your employees. Failure to remain in compliance with state and federal laws as a business can result in penalties, fines, and lawsuits. Aside from legal fees, fines alone can result in up to $17,000 in charges.

That's money you should be putting back into your business; money that you could be using to grow your bottom line. So how can you make sure that your company remains in compliance with labor laws at all times?

Here are three top tips from LaborLawCC.com that will help your business remain compliant.

Get Recently Updated Labor Posters

The first step to ensuring compliance is to always have the most recently updated versions of your state and federal labor law posters on display. Failing to keep up with the latest labor posters will result in a lack of compliance.

But do you need to maintain an annual subscription for posters? No. Labor law compliance is based on having the latest version of your labor posters, not holding an annually renewing subscription. In fact, your annual charge could occur today and your new posters delivered, only to have some tiny law updated next week, effectively making your new posters non compliant.

This is why Labor Law Compliance Center created our Update Program to provide the most recently updated versions of state and federal labor law posters to subscribers. This means that you will be automatically notified via email and shipped new labor posters via direct mail when a labor law poster that is mandatory for your area becomes available. So you can stay in compliance without lifting a finger.

Avoid Changing Fonts & Details

It might seem trivial, but even making a small change to a government supplied labor poster can make you non compliant. Resizing a font or changing it to one that is difficult to read could end up costing you.

To avoid being out found out of compliance, avoid changing labor law fonts and details— stick with the original posters received and post them at the required places in your office. Tampering and changing labor law fonts and documents status can get you into trouble— causing you penalties, fines, and lawsuits.

Post Labor Law Posts at the Required Places

The final major thing that you can do to ensure your compliance with labor law regulations is to make sure that your labor posters have been placed in the best areas for your employees to be able to review them. All posters should be placed in a conspicuous area that is frequented by all employees, such as a break room.

There are two types of employees that you need to provide labor law posters for. You may have telecommuting employees that come to your place of business to work, and you may have employees who work from home. For those who commute, displaying your posters on bulletin boards, above time clocks, and in the lunchroom are ideal.

For employees who don't share your workspace, send a copy of the latest labor law posters to their home so that they may be displayed or simply cataloged for their own reference. In this case, you should also keep a PDF copy of your labor posters on your company website where all employees can see them.

If you are in need of the most current labor law posters, or need more information on the labor posters available in your state, check out https://www.laborlawcc.com/.

Labor Law Compliance Center, LLC
23855 Gosling Rd
Spring, TX 77389
T:(800) 801-0597

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