Maryland / Federal Combination NLRA Posters

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2022 Maryland State and Federal Combination with NLRA Poster

Are you a business owner or HR manager in an industry that's unionized? Well, this is the absolutely perfect product for you. Our Maryland NLRA posters not only contain a poster for the NLRA, but they also have everything you need to be legally compliant on bot the state and federal levels. No more searching for multiple posters to plaster all over your office walls. Save time and space with this all-in-one poster plus the NLRA poster.

Maryland Combo & NLRA Specifications:

  • 39"W x 27"H MDC
  • Full Color
  • Completely Laminated with High Quality Laminate
  • Landscape Style
  • 11'W x 17'H NLRA


List of Contained State Postings:

  • Minimum Wage (01/22) Montgomery County (7/21)
  • Fair Employment (1/22)
  • Equal Pay (10/20)
  • Child Labor (09/19)
  • Earned Sick and Safe Leave (9/20)
  • Unemployment Insurance (3/20)
  • Pregnancy Disability
  • Tipped Employee
  • MOSHA Poster
  • Health Insurance Coverage
  • Lie Detector Test Prohibited
  • Workers' Compensation (05/17)



List of Contained Federal Postings:

  • National Labor Relations Act (NLRA - 06/19)
  • Equal Employment Opportunity (11/09)
  • Family Medical Leave Act (2009 FMLA)
  • Federal Polygraph (EPPA - 08/16)
  • Federal Minimum Wage (FLSA - 08/16)
  • Occupational Safety OSHA (07/19)
  • Uniformed Services USERRA (10/08)

About Maryland NLRA Posters

Something you might notice that we do that others don't is we utilize a QR code on all of our posters. We do this for your convenience so taht you may scan the code from your phone and ensure that your posters are up-to-date and compliant with the Maryland and Federal government standards.

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27 x 41 in
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