New York, New York Supplemental Poster

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New York, New York Supplemental Labor Poster

This New York City supplemental labor law poster was made to go along side your state and federal labor law posters. It contains all of the required postings for the city of New York. It will include postings such as sexual harassment notices, your right to have a predictable work schedule, notice of rights among others. Be sure to avoid fines from the Department of Labor by staying completely compliant wtih these posters.

New York, New York Supplemental Labor Law Poster Specifications:

  • 27"W x 39"H
  • Full Color
  • Completely Laminated with High Quality Laminate
  • Landscape Style

New York, New York Supplemental Labor Law Poster Includes:

  • Sexual Harassment (09/16)
  • Temporary Work Schedule (07/18)
  • Earned Safe and Sick Time (05/18)
  • Pregnancy Accommodations
  • Single-Sex Facilities
  • Credit History
  • Domestic Violence
  • Fair Chance Law
  • Notice of Right Discrimination
  • Fair Work Week; Fast Food
  • Fast Food Deduction
  • Fair Work Week; Retail
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Additional Information

27 x 39 in
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