Construction Industry Posters

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Construction Labor Poster Package

The construction industry can be a dangerous one, which is why you are going to need a multitude of of various labor law posters or warning posters. This is where our construction poster package comes in. We provide you with every type of poster you need as a business owner in the construction industry.

Construction Poster Package Includes:

  • Your Choice of State & Fed Combo Poster
  • Code of Safety Practices
  • Construction Equipment Protection
  • Eye Protection
  • Drug Free Workplace - English
  • First Aid
  • Emergency Contact Number
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire Extinguisher Pointer
  • Hard Hat Area
  • OSHA Multi-Safety which includes:
  • Lifting safety
  • No smoking
  • OSHA Fact Sheet
  • Emergency Numbers
  • Choking Posters
  • National Forklift
  • OSHA Log 300
  • Report Injuries
  • Slips and Falls
  • Suspended Loads
  • Watch Your Step
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Additional Information

27 x 39 in
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