Nevada Labor Law Posters State and Federal Combo

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  • Nevada Labor Law Posters State and Federal Combo
  • Nevada Labor Law Posters State and Federal Combo


2024 Nevada & Federal Labor Law Posters

Posting these Nevada labor law posters versions will guarantee that you are covered under your state and federal compliance laws. This 27'W x 39'H poster ensures that you, and/or your business are protected from fines that are associated with not complying with the US labor law postings.

List of Contained State Postings:

  • Domestic Violence (01/24)
  • NV Unemployment Notice (01/24)
  • Minimum Wage 2024 Annual Bulletin $10.25/$11.25 (7/23)
  • Overtime 2024 Annual Bulletin (7/23)
  • Safety and Health Protection on the Job (03/23)
  • Rules to be observed by employers (7/23)
  • 307: Dept. of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation (DETR) (1-2024)
  • 209: Paid Leave Vaccination
  • Sick Leave Notice (7/21)
  • COVID-19 Notice (7/21)
  • Job Training Notice (7/21)
  • Workers' Compensation (01/21)
  • Sick Leave (7/19)
  • Paid Leave (7/19)
  • Pregnancy Workers Act (7/17)
  • Discrimination (2017)
  • Emergency Numbers
  • No Smoking
  • Notice of Limitations Affecting the Application of Lie Detector Tests (2019)
  • Pay Day Notice

List of Contained Federal Postings:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity / EEOC ( 06/23 )
  • Federal Minimum Wage / FLSA ( 05/23 )
  • Family Medical Leave Act / FMLA ( 05/23 )
  • Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act / USERRA ( 05/22 )
  • Federal Polygraph / EPPA ( 02/22 )
  • Occupational Safety & Health Protection / OSHA ( 09/19 )

About Nevada Labor Law Posters

Citations and legal consequences are not something that you want for your company, so obviously you know the need for proper labor law posters. If you don't, this is it. If you fail to be in legal compliance with your labor law posters you are putting yourself and your business at risk for fines, citations and legal ramifications by the US Department of Labor.

This is where we come in. At Labor Law Compliance Center, we've created the Nevada Labor Law Poster (state and federal combo), an all-in-one poster that will have all of your required postings.

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