About Us

Law Compliance Center

We are a family owned and operated business located at:
Labor Law Compliance Center, LLC
23855 Gosling Road
Spring, Texas 77389

  • We are dedicated to providing our clients with attractive, high quality, laminated labor law employment posters at a reasonable price.
  • Our employment posters contain aesthetic graphics inspired by state symbols, flags, and seals.
  • Our graphics designer will design custom labor law posters using your company's branding and information.
  • Providing outstanding customer service is our passion.
  • Our marketing strategy involves providing objective information.
  • We never market using bogus surveys, alarming letters, or pseudo-governmental communications.
  • Every employment poster has been reviewed by an attorney licensed in Texas.

Our Policy:

Replacement Plan Policy: Under our Replacement Plan, the customer can choose a 1, 2, or 3 year duration. During that time, LLCC will replace posters each time a mandatory change takes place. The content on the order will be replaced by the same content on the original order. For example, a federal / state combo poster would be replaced with a federal / state combo poster and only federal or state changes that take place will trigger LLCC to replace the posters. If a city or local posting becomes required, the poster will not be replaced unless the original poster ordered contained the city or local postings. For example, a customer ordering a California / Federal / San Francisco poster with a Replacement Plan would get a new poster if any of the 3 elements are affected by a mandatory change.

Listen to what our customers say about Labor Law Compliance Center:

"As the head of our human resources department, I chose to purchase a federal poster from Labor Law Compliance Center, Inc. because their marketing campaigns were straightforward and informative, not misleading. I found that to be a refreshing departure from the other companies in this industry."
- Summer Thomas

"I ordered posters at the beginning of 2006. When I received the state posters that I had ordered, I was nervous because I thought that I had not received the latest poster because the print date was 2005. I immediately called customer service and they went over each poster with me and showed me how it had been updated to comply with the 2006 changes. Tony, in customer service, spent a lot of time with me and when I need new posters, I will give him a call."
- Tonya LeBoeuf

"The graphics guy at www.laborlawcc.com customized a federal/state combination poster using my company's colors and logo. They also suggested that the phone number for our human resource department be included on the poster. Adding the phone number was a great idea because since the posters have been up, many employees have alerted human resources about various compliance issues."
- Scott Miller

"Christine was very helpful. She told me which posters were necessary for my industry and was patient as I ordered 40 posters, with each one going to a different address."
- Ann Weber

"I ordered online and the posters arrived before expected. Thank you."
- Misty Smith

"The graphics, paper, and lamination was top quality. I planned to frame the poster when it came in but I found framing unnecessary."
- Marta Lopez