Tennessee No Firearms

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Tennessee No Firearms Poster

This 8.5"x11" laminated poster clearly displays the inter-nation no firearms symbol and makes it clear that this is a weapon-free establishment for the state of Tennessee.

Weapons in the workplace: Employers that prohibit possession of weapons in the workplace must post notice in prominent locations, including all building or property entrances, that states possession of weapons is prohibited. Such notices must contain:

  • The international circle and slash symbolizing the prohibition of the item within the circle
  • Language substantially similar to the following: "As authorized by T.C.A. 30-17-1359, possession of a weapon posted property or in a posted building is prohibited and is a criminal offense."" Such substantially similar language must state taht: the property is posted under authority of Tennessee law; weapons or firearms are prohibited on the property, in the building, or portion of property or building that is posted; and possessing a weapon in a posted area is a criminal offense. (Employers can post both notices.)

Tennessee No Firearms Poster Specifications:

  • 8.5"W x 11"H
  • Full Color
  • Completely Laminated with High Quality Laminate
  • Portrait Style

Notices must be plainly visible to the average persons and in English (duplicate notices can be posted in other languages used by patrons, customers, or other persons who frequent the areas where weapons are prohibited).

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8.5 x 11 in
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