Indiana State Labor Law Posters

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2021 Indiana State Labor Law Posters

Have you ever been in a position where you want to be legally compliant but don't know which labor law posters you need in order to do so? We take all the guessing out of which posters to pick. The Indiana State Labor Law Poster contains every state posting you need to be compliant at the state level.

Don't forget to hang theses posters in a conspicuous area for all of your employees to be able to see.

Indiana State Only Poster Specifications:

  • 18"W x 24"H
  • Full Color
  • Completely Laminated with High Quality Laminate
  • Portrait Style

List of Contained State Postings:

  • Teen Work Hours (05/20)
  • IOSHA (7/19)
  • Unemployment Insurance (07/18)
  • EEO Discrimination Posting Revised (8-14)
  • Indiana EEO (Dept. of Workforce Development)
  • Minimum Wage Act (3/10)
  • Workers' Compensation Notice (4/05)

About Indiana State Only Labor Law Posters

All of our posters come standard with a QR code printed on them. These QR codes can be used to verify if your posters are up to date or not. Simply scan the code with a smart phone and it will pull up the results.

As you can see from our BBB rating and product reviews we are one of the most trustworthy companies in the industry and make some of the highest quality of products.

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18 x 24 in
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