New York State Labor Law Posters

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  • New York State Labor Law Posters
  • New York State Labor Law Posters


2024 New York State Labor Law Posters

You have to be knowledgeable about many things as a business owner, and labor law is one of them. This knowledge should include the understanding of which labor law posters to purchase. We can make this process much easier on you. Purchase our all in one New York state labor law poster, which contains every state mandated posting.

Don't forget to hang theses posters in a conspicuous area for all of your employees to be able to see.

New York State Only Poster Specifications:

  • 24"W x 36"H
  • Full Color
  • Completely Laminated with High Quality Laminate
  • Portrait Style

List of Contained State Postings:

  • Attention Miscellaneous Industry Employees / Minimum Wage $15.00 ( 11/23 )
  • Summary of New York State Child Labor Law ( 11/23 )
  • Notice Requirement for Fringe Benefits and Hours ( 10/23 )
  • Right of Nursing Employees to Express Breast Milk ( 10/23 )
  • Public Employees / Job Safety & Health Protection ( 10/23 )
  • Captive Audience / New York Section 201-D ( 09/23 )
  • Veteran Benefits and Services ( 02/24 )
  • Deductions From Wages / Section 193 of the New York State Labor Law ( 09/22 )
  • This Establishment is Subject to the New York State Human Rights Law ( 05/22 )
  • Electronic Monitoring Law Notice / NY Civil Rights Law ( 05/22 )
  • Notice of Employee Rights, Protection, and Obligations Under Labor Law Section 740 ( 02/22 )
  • Equal Pay Provision of the New York State Labor Law ( 11/23 )
  • Tip Appropriation / Section 196-d of the New York State Labor Law ( 08/20 )
  • Attention All Employees / Time Allowed Employees to Vote on Election Day ( 04/20 )
  • Employee Blood Donation Leave ( 03/16 )
  • New York Correction Law / Article 23-A ( 02/09 )
  • You Have a Right to Known ( 04/00 )
  • Attention Employer / Please Request Form NYS100
  • Attention Employer / Please Request Form C-105
  • Attention Employer / Please Request Form DB-120
  • Paid Family Leave Notice / Reminder to Obtain From Insurance Carrier
  • Notice to Employees / IA 133 Unemployment Insurance Form
  • New York State Public Heal Law - Article 13E / No Smoking

About New York State Only Labor Law Posters

Another way we make the process of purchasing labor posters easier on you is through our QR code system. The way it works is you scan the code that's printed on your poster with a smart phone, then your phone will bring up the results telling you if you poster is up to date or if it needs to be replaced.

Everything we do, we do with excellence. All of our products are designed, produced and packaged in house to ensure its quality.

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