Wage Order #13

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Industrial Wage Order #13 (IWC) Preparing Agricultural Products For Market Industry

The Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC) is an agency for the state of California whose purpose is to discover the wages paid to all employees within the state. They also discover the hours and conditions of labor in various industries and occupations, and to investigate the health and safety of those particular employees. The IWC has required that specific wage orders are posted in the workplace in order to educate their employees on their rights for wage and hours. The IWC posters are broken down into 17 different sections and is a required labor law poster that must be hung up next to your state and federal posters.

IWC Wage Order 13 Poster Specifications:

  • 18"W x 24"H
  • Portrait Style
  • Printed in Full Color
  • Laminated with High Quality Laminate

The IWC #13 poster was made for the industries preparing agricultural products for market, on the farm. This industry contains companies that have operations performing in a fixed structure on a farm or on a packing plant on the farm.

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Additional Information

18 x 24 in
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