New Texas Firearms Laws Take Effect

New Texas Firearms Laws Take Effect

Under Texas HB 1927, the "Firearm Carry Act of 2021", on September 1, 2021, unlicensed Texans will be allowed to carry firearms. Previously, Texas had laws regarding individuals that were licensed to carry both open and concealed but now under "constitutional carry", a license is not necessary as the right to carry will now be considered within your rights to keep and bear arms. These rights apply to Texans who are 21 and older and have a clean criminal record.

Many companies desire to restrict entrance to licensed, open carry or concealed carriers or would like to restrict access to the new non-licensed carriers under "constitutional carry". Various signage has been prescribed for each or all of these situations. By prominently posting 30.06 signs at all entrances, a business may restrict people that seek to enter that are licensed concealed carriers. By similarly posting the 30.07 signage, a business restricts entrance for those that are open licensed carriers. With the revised 30.05 laws, a business may restrict persons from entering either open or concealed that do not have a license and are carrying under the new constitutional carry laws which begin on September 1, 2021.

Handguns are still prohibited in many public places such as educational institutions, correctional facilities, polling places, courthouses, secured areas of an airport, bars, or amusement parks. But the bottom line for most private businesses is it is up to the property owner or business owner's discretion whether or not individuals may enter while carrying concealed or open and whether they may be licensed or constitutional carriers.

Texas H.B. No. 1927

Posters For 30.05, 30.06, & 30.07

Aug 31st 2021 Donald Butts

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