New York to Require Electronic Labor Postings	 Stay Compliant With eViewer

New York to Require Electronic Labor Postings Stay Compliant With eViewer

Physical labor law posters in the workplace, informing workers of their labor rights are commonplace across the U.S. However, on May 10, 2022, it is likely that the New York governor, Kathy Hochul, will sign a new bill into law, compelling employers to make their posters viewable electronically as well. To remain compliant, employers will either create their own digital solutions or use off-the-shelf electronic posting systems such as eViewer to fulfill legal obligations under the new law.

Under the proposed rules, digital versions of labor postings shall be made available through the employer’s website or by email []. Employers shall provide notice that documents required for physical posting are also available electronically. All other documents required to be physically posted at a worksite shall also be made electronically available. The law will take place immediately once signed by the governor.

The Challenges of Remaining Compliant With New York State Electronic Posting Requirements

Traditionally, employers would satisfy the notice requirements by placing posters on bulletin boards in conspicuous locations around the office, such as lobbies or locker rooms. However, given the advent of the smartphone and an increased remote workforce, these practices alone are becoming outdated. The new law aims to improve visibility so that employees who do not report to an office can still view their protections under the law.

Given the number of labor laws in place and regular additions by Congress, it is challenging for regular businesses to keep up to date and remain compliant. On average, lawmakers create nearly one hundred substantive changes to labor law postings every year. Without an automated system, companies must manually update their own physical posters.

What Options Are Available?

One option to consider is to do the research and download all required federal, state, local county and city notices and place them on your company’s intranet. This may be challenging as businesses in New York State are required to post several state and federal notices. Then if you are located in New York City, there are several additional notices that must be displayed.

Not only will you need to do the initial research, but you will need to adopt research standards to regularly review these laws as the required notices change often.

How Can Existing Purpose Built Systems Help?

Some businesses such as Labor Law Compliance Center offer electronic labor notices not only as it has become helpful with the expansion of remote workers but also as more and more, electronic notices are becoming required as in this case. Not only do we offer electronic files, but we also offer the eViewer System which is a live system which can be installed on a company intranet for employee viewing of required labor law notices.

eViewer is a purpose-built, cloud-based portal that allows employees access electronic labor law posters from any location with internet service. Behind the scenes, experienced teams continually update eViewer information as new laws come into force. Because it is all done remotely, employers never display out-of-date information and, therefore, are always compliant.

This approach not only saves you time but also reduces liability. We automate labor law compliance for you, providing it as a service rather than something that you must actively pursue in-house. With us, staying compliant has never been easier.

May 9th 2022 Donald Butts

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