Federal Contractors Companion Posters

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Federal Contractors Companion Labor Law Poster

This Federal Contractors Poster includes all of the postings required only for Federal Contractors. The Federal Labor Law Posters are not included in these, so be sure to purchase one of these or you can buy the Federal and Contractors Labor Law Poster set which comes with both.

It is also required to hang a poster with all of the state requirements on them. Be sure to add a state poster version as well.

Federal Contractors Companion Poster Specifications

  • 20"W x 27"H
  • Full Color
  • Completely Laminated with High Quality Laminate

The Federal Contractor Companion Poster will include:

  • Federal Contractor Minimum Wage to $10.95 (01/21)
  • Executive Order 13496 NLRA (06/19)
  • Contractor Tipped Wage $7.40 (1/2019)
  • Workers with Disabilities (1/18)
  • Davis-Bacon (10/17)
  • E-Verify Employer 9/2017
  • E-Verify Employee 9/2017
  • Paid Sick Leave 9/2016
  • EEO Supplement (9/2015)
  • Pay Transparency Policy Statement (1/2016)
  • Emergency Numbers
  • Employee Rights on Government Contracts [PCA, SCA, and Walsh-Healey] (4/09)
  • OSHA Whistleblower / Fact Sheet
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Additional Information

22 x 30 in
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