Rhode Island State Labor Law Posters

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2024 Rhode Island State Labor Law Posters

At Labor Law Compliance Center, we know that choosing your labor law posters can be confusing. That's why we put every state mandated posting on a single poster. This poster has everything you need to stay in compliance at the state level and avoid fines from the Department of Labor.

Don't forget to hang theses posters in a conspicuous area for all of your employees to be able to see.

Rhode Island State Only Poster Specifications:

  • 18" x 24"
  • Full Color
  • Completely Laminated with High Quality Laminate
  • Portrait Style

List of Contained State Postings:

  • Hourly Minimum Wage For All Employees / Minimum Wage $14.00 ( 01/24 )
  • Notice to All Employees / Information Employers Must Post ( 12/22 )
  • The Rhode Island Whistle Blowers' Protection Act ( 07/21 )
  • Ignoring This Poster Can be Hazardous to Your Health / Right to Know ( 06/20 )
  • Working on State or Minucupal Financed Construction Projects? ( 06/20 )
  • Rhode Island Parental & Family Medical Leave Act ( 06/20 )
  • Notice to All Employees / Unemployment Insurance Benefits ( 06/20 )
  • This Employer is Subject to the Provisions of the Workers' Compensation Act ( 06/20 )
  • Rhode Island Child Labor Laws ( 05/20 )
  • It is Illegal to Smoke or Vape in This Establishment ( 04/19 )
  • Healthy and Safe Families and Workplaces Act ( 01/18 )
  • Ban-the-Box ( 01/18 )
  • Discrimination Based on Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Related Conditions Notice ( 07/15 )
  • Discrimination is Illegal / We Are an Equal Opportunity Employer ( 06/14 )
  • Sexual Harassment is Against the Law

About Rhode Island State Only Labor Law Posters

We understand that keeping up with labor poster updates can be difficult. This is why we came up with a program to ease that stress. With our poster replacement program we track and automatically replace posters as changes occur.

Everything we do, we do with excellence. All of our products are designed, produced and packaged in house to ensure its quality. Purchase your Rhode Island poster today!

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Rhode Island
18 x 24 in
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