The 'Why' and 'How' of Labor Law Postings

The 'Why' and 'How' of Labor Law Postings

Labor laws within the United States have come a long way since the Organic Act of 1913 was signed under the Taft administration establishing the Department of Labor. One important aspect of many labor laws within the United States is the posting of the employee rights within the workplace where it is accessible to the workforce in which the labor laws apply. Of course, as laws are updated, a new posting is typically required to ensure that the workplace stays compliant with the federal, state or local government guidelines and the workforce is made aware of the revised rights.

In the past, an employer would ensure that they are compliant with federal, state and local labor law regulations by physically posting notices regarding the laws in a conspicuous place within the workplace where those who are directly affected by the laws are most likely to see the required postings. This has been the case from the beginning of required labor law postings through 2022. As communications modernize, inevitable labor posting changes have been catapulted forward due to the recent pandemic and the drastic move toward the remote workplace.

The Push Towards Electronic Labor Law Postings

Among the many updates to both federal and state level labor law postings effective January 1st of 2023, which are described here, the United States saw the first implementation of a new trend: required electronic labor law postings. As of 2023, the State of New York has mandated that businesses within the state are required not only to post physical copies of relevant labor law postings in a conspicuous place within their physical workspace, but also electronic copies of those postings within their online workspace. New York is simply the first state in the union that will adopt similar requirements regarding the online posting of labor laws; especially as the workforce within the United States continues to see more people work from home or connect online to access their workspace. DOL Guidance

Further, the Department of Labor has offered recent guidance about posting labor law notices online. The DOL states “Whether notices are provided electronically or in hard-copy format, it is an employer’s obligation to provide the required notices to all affected individuals.” To summarize, the DOL clarified that electronic postings were allowed and encouraged in cases of remote employees however, physical posting continue to be required at physical business locations where employees report.

What Options Are Available to My Business?

One way to tackle this change would be to research which postings are required by the federal government, then which additional postings are required at the state level, and then whether the city your business is in requires their own labor law postings. Once that time has been spent, the required postings must be located and printed, only for a new change to occur and this process continuously cycles repeatedly – which can be an inconvenient nuisance for businesses.

Labor Law Compliance Center will quite simply handle that stress for you and your business for both physical and electronic postings – no matter where your business resides within the United States or Canada. Not only do we provide one time physical and electronic versions of all required postings whenever the need arises, we also provide excellent long term solutions for both physical and electronic labor law postings as described below.

Labor Law Compliance Center Solutions

For all required physical postings, consider getting covered by our Replacement Plan. Postings change quite often and we’ll ensure a replacement posting with correct updated material is provided as long as you have a replacement plan with us. Learn more about Poster Replacement Plans and how LLCC will automatically ship out new labor posters each time they are affected by a mandatory posting change.

eViewer is our in-house solution purpose-built to allow your employees 24/7 access from any location with an internet connection to all required labor law postings through a cloud-based portal. This is a live system that is remotely updated behind the scenes by an experienced team that ensures all postings on eViewer are constantly updated to ensure your online workplace is always compliant no matter where you conduct your business. As mentioned earlier, a growing number of people within the workforce pursue their work in an online workspace – and states are beginning to notice and require postings in those online workspaces. Learn more about how eViewer can work for you to keep your online workplace constantly in compliance.

Feb 16th 2023 Donald Butts

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